How to Become Instagram Famous

How to Become Instagram Famous


Pout! Click! Post! gone are the days when the usage of Instagram was just sharing your beautiful pictures along with astounding locations. In this article I will give you some tips on How to Become Instagram Famous. Millions of users on monthly basis posting more than 50 million images and more than a billion likes per day.

Instagram is not a place to connect with your friends anymore, it  has become a business module and a very powerful platform for creating your business needs. With the capability of turning stay at home into a successful designer and a corporate honchoes into an avid world traveler. No surprise people want to be influencer on Insta (millennial lingo).

Whether you are a big brand or may be just wondering how to become Instagram famous; Instagram is a unique platform which outperforms all other player to create a magical gravity for you and for your services/product

Creating authentic Instagram content can help you on the road to becoming a social influencer whom businesses want to work with, but doing it right is just as important. Check out following points for  attractive, attention seeking ideas your Instagram profile which can help you to bring your audience on your page.

Create Genuine and authentic Account

No one can beat the Genuine and Authenticity on whatso ever platform. Be true to your self and whatever content you are sharing. Don’t take any collaboration that come along. Stay loyal to your personal brand and your followers will be loyal to you. Follow the kind of product and influencer what have made your followers believe in you.

Authenticity is a key factor and being true to your followers/audience, allow you to keep connected with them and creating virtual personal bond. So even if you as brand is shifting for example moving from being a designer to athlete or moving from being a life coach to traveler their loyalty will be with you.

Get Numero-Uno in # - Hashtag

There are millions of users sharing their post in a single day on Instagram, so how you will differentiate your self apart from using Hashtag. There's a reason the hashtag ( # )has been used over 235 million times, compared to #sponsorship. You must be more creative with your captions that play good along with your hashtags like funny or iconic. It is important what you are offering however, more critical is how are posting with the captions, which further make your followers to find a perception about you. People wants to see you captions funny and relatable and would want to connect with you.

So, while posting  you can tag any of your follower, will present you as some who want to create a strong community. Make your audience feel like they're getting a glimpse into your challenges, and they're more likely to cheer on your successes.


Don’t jump the brand wagon follow the chronology

Once you have established your self as brand and you have loyal followers and you feel to reach out certain brands, it is advisable always start with the small or local or new brands. They are also new as you are so, the understanding will always be great and can bring lot many news ideas on the table and obvious you will be paid for that. You can use micro-influencer toll like or can you can search relatable brand using hashtags.


 Develop your own style and Upskill photography

To be a regular user of Instagram is on thing and be seen apart from other is different. If you are not stand out on Instagram, then it is difficult to be popular on this platform. Create your own unique visual content style that stand out. Get yourself apart as an influencer, versus just an Instagram user, it might be worthwhile to invest in better photography and editing equipment.

Invest in good equipment and photography skill, A professional camera and good lens make a difference between good photo and amazing photo. Ultimately, you want to provide your audience with something valuable. Like any service, using the proper tools and taking online courses could lead to a bigger pay-off in the long run

Be persistent

Persistency is the key on Instagram for influencer, just like any other profession. Don’t give up continue to write and posting on regular basis and it will flourish on time. Focus on meaningful content rather than on numbers.


Becoming an influencer isn't easy, and while it can be incredibly rewarding, it's only possible if you're willing to put in the time. Being passionate about your content will help you push through the challenging times