How to make money using Instagram.

How to make money using Instagram.

So, In this article I will help you understand How to make money using Instagram. But before we need to understand what is Instagram and how to make a use of it.

with the evolution of technology at the beginning of this century, Selling and marketing your product has become a different ball game. Placing your product at the right corner of nearby department store to promoting the same on social media.

Like wise on of such platform where people are selling and marketing anything is Instagram. However,  the biggest question is why you should use Instagram for business if that was created for photo share by people for socializing.

Right now, there are 1billion users actively use it on monthly basis and the numbers are growing at the rate of compound .

There are so many different social media platforms out there so why use Instagram? Instagram is the best social media platform for engagement or your ability as a brand to connect with your followers. It’s visual, simple and it’s attracting the younger generations more than other social media platforms.

Instagram can go beyond just visuals. In addition to showing your followers compelling photos you can create a social media profile that highlights your brand’s mission and goals, show your products and capture leads and sales. Instagram may seem small, but it is a powerful tool that your business should be using no matter what!

So, how and why would you use Instagram for marketing your product or business.

Pictures - Focus on top-quality visuals

Instagram is arguably the most visual social media platform out there.  With Facebook there are posts and comments and articles and clutter that might allow followers to skip over a simple photo. But with Instagram the main event is your photo! It needs to be clean, sharp and provocative. What this means is that it needs to be a high-quality photo that makes your followers think. Since people can scroll on Instagram, they often will scroll right past photos that don’t intrigue them. Your photos need to stop them in their tracks long enough to engage with your post, read your caption or click through to your website if you are running an advertising campaign.


Interactive Captions

In any Instagram post photos are the most important means to stop user and track your posting, however a picture with powerful caption can attract the customer by many folds. Ask your followers a question or provoke engagement in another way. If you just post a photo, people may not understand how you want them to engage with your brand or what action you want them to take.


Branding your product on Instagram

Whenever, any one layout their Marketing and Advertising campaign they can’t afford to put Instagram aside. If you’re not using it and you are missing on huge revenue. By posting picture you are only reaching out to the users those are following you, however for strengthening your social media presence you have create advertisements. You can create your promotions on the basis of your target demographics and these pages will appear in the users feeds those falls outside your user list.

Collaborate with Influencers.

Initially when you are setting up Instagram it is always advisable to collaborate with Influencer, which help you to reach out to the followers of that influencers and create a large base for your product and services. This will make your brand reliable, relatable and recognizable.


So Why Use Instagram?

Most of us know the answer but never actually rely on it, till the time we don’t see other using it. With the usage of Instagram, you are touch with your current and prospective customers, advertise your products and build awareness for your brand! It’s not enough to just post photos.

Instagram is a social platform that you should be utilizing no matter what your product or service. You need to be writing engaging copy, using Instagram stories and highlights as well as keeping up with new features.