How to use Instagram like a Pro

In this article, I will show you How to use Instagram like a Pro, Instagram is an awesome social network for photos. It now has more than billion users. One of my fried has a food blog and he find that it’s a great way to post photos of food. It also allows one to connect with other food bloggers and foodies.

One need to use it every day now and check at least 6-7 times a day!

Other day another fried of mine started his own Instagram account for photography and seems to be gaining many followers every day, so when I started interacting with so many individuals who comes with different product and services, I find that following points seems to be summarized to use Instagram as pro.


Quality of photos have a big impact

Big discussion here and I loved it! The quality of your photos does have a huge impact. Learn basic photography and camera manual function (i.e. ISO, shutter speed, etc). A picture is worth a thousand words and, in case of Instagram, it's the ultimate truth. You can create wonderful stories using beautiful pictures and get a lot of followers.

You need to consider lighting (natural is better), positioning and editing. Do not get lazy and post photos taken from your phone if you can produce better photos using your camera. Some people travel the world, post photos and sell them or do advertising of products. They need to have the highest quality photos on there.

INTERESTING FACT #1: Around 95 million photos are uploaded on Instagram every single day.


Your Instagram account needs to be focused

One need to be focus on one topic area or complementary topics e.g. fashion or food. But don’t do food and fashion together. Instagram has opened a new world of possibilities for any who can show some creativity. If you focused and passionate about one thing you will get many followers. They are here to see your perspective, your creativity, and your eye for detail.

Some of the most popular pictures on Instagram are about the most random objects, the ones you see around you every day, like the picture of egg last year which was post liked picture on Instagram. While posting a new picture on Instagram, make sure you're clicking something you like and would want to show it to the world. Your passion will always find a way to make your images more authentic and add more credibility to your Instagram feed.

INTERESTING FACT: Pizza is the most clicked food on Instagram globally, followed by Sushi.

Use hashtags 

Use hashtags to say what the picture is about. Using this unique symbol, you can scour millions of pictures on Instagram by using certain keywords. Hashtags are a way to categories what it is and enable others to discover it. I found this had a big impact in the number of interactions for likes and comments after I started using it.

You can copy and paste your hashtags into an app such as Evernote to save them. Then copy and paste them into a new post. This will save you from having to write them each time. Using a hashtag with your Instagram pictures is a cool way to promote the image. Be true to your followers because that's what they like along with your creativity and point of view

INTERESTING FACT: Posts with at least one hashtag garner 12.6% more engagement on an average.


Post regularly

Posting on a consistent basis is important. Post daily if Instagram is a marketing channel and you are serious about using it like a pro. There are no shortcuts to gain popularity on Instagram. But as with any social media platform, Instagram also has a very simple rule: The more you share the more popular you'll get.

It's not that difficult if you ask me. All you need to do is post one or two pictures a day consistently and you are bound to get many followers.

However, posting pictures on Instagram will only take you so far. Making sure that you are posting something that you like and making wise use of all the relevant hashtags is what will help people find your content easily.

INTERESTING FACT: Currently, more than 4.2 billion Instagram likes occur each day

Actively engage your audience by talking to them

As quickly as you can get new followers, it is very easy to lose them as well. So, how do you retain your followers on Instagram? Well, it's very simple. All you need to do is engage with your audience from time.

It is a fantastic moment that you get likes and lot many comments on your post however, when you started responding the comments and Interacting with your customers this increased their engagement with your posts. If you keep in touch with your followers, you will see how the number of Insta followers grow in no time.

INTERESTING FACT: Around 59% of Internet users between 18 and 29 use Instagram.