Why YouTube is important

In this blog article I will help you understand Why YouTube is important It was our marriage anniversary and a small get together planned by my wife as a surprise for me. After initial hello with everyone it was time to indulge in activities and every-one started to chant that I should sing a song. However, when I started, I heard guitar strings and I saw my wife holding guitar to play along with me. The same guitar I gifted her on her birthday, but she never took efforts to learn it. So, the song was over, and everybody enjoys it  especially with guitar. She came near to me with the smile and was happy to see  my surprised face; and my obvious question was from where she could have learned?

Her answer amazed me that how while be at home, one can learn anything from YouTube. In this digital age when everything has come online ;YouTube is surly a frontrunner among them all. It was first platform where you can watch the video of your favorite song; rather than scrolling the TV channels or any historic sports events or you want to shed those extra pounds from your body or wants to watch any classic movie or news, everything is there in the palm of your hand.

Nowadays, you can find full-length movies on YouTube, new segments, and any serial recaps, and more. When it first launched, no video creators were getting paid for their content. Now, YouTubers such as PewDiePie, are making millions of dollars a year from the platform.

You can start your own YouTube  channel and be a Motivational speaker and engage with audience live. So be you’re a Singer or a Yoga teacher or a Programmer or Master chief or a Kid who just wants to review new toys. Any thing and everything you could have imagine you will find out there.

The online video behemoth has become the world’s third most-visited website, after Google and Facebook. What is beyond debate is YouTube’s influence (spotted by a far-sighted Google in 2006, when it bought the site for $1.65 billion). Almost anyone can upload almost anything to YouTube, for free, and be in with a chance of reaching its one billion monthly users – whether they’re activists, terrorists, politicians or pop stars. It has changed our world.

When Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawad Karim founded YouTube in 2005 there’s no way they could have predicted that they would change the world as we know it in five short years. YouTube has revolutionized everything from entertainment to education, opened new doors for talented individuals looking to be discovered, and brought people together from all over the globe.


However, like any other social app, YouTube comes with its own danger, which is monstrous than any other. You can post any length video from anywhere ; has made this easy for everyone to use it for their own purpose/agenda. YouTube has affected politics, becoming even more important than direct mail in political campaigning, with politicians and governments using the website to directly engage citizens and promote policies. Though YouTube has promoted democracy through free expression of individual political views, its recommendation algorithm has been shown to preferentially recommend extreme content, leading to claims that it has been used as a tool for political radicalization.

So much free speech has the potential to create controversy, as there are some who will stand up to certain organizations or people in the form of videos. This is seen to be a negative effect as it can lead to copyright violations and censorship. This has in turn caused a debate about how the issue of censorship should be employed on YouTube for certain videos.

So, we and country needs to be awaken ourselves from the negative effect of these social sites and app. We all know how these apps affects us, however we never give any heads towards it. We have so many generations to come and all the information floated out there on digital platform is helpful and knowledgeable for many, however it is poisonous and radical as well. We need to decide how as a human being we want leave our legacy for coming generation.